"Creating a better world with the greatest strength" is the brand goal of CKeep."

"We should act sooner and let everyone feel the benefits of CKeep Kinesiology Tape so that there will be less pain in the world" - MRSHAWN.

Muscle tape uses a skin-like cotton fabric and a unique rebound design, and a non-invasive method to achieve the effect of mimicking the strength of muscles or fascia to influence and regulate physiological functions, which is why it is also called kinesiology tape. Since the invention of muscle tape by Japanese Dr. Kenso Kase in 1973, our founder MR SHAWN has followed the development of kinesiology tape and witnessed its magic. It looks like a small piece, but the tape incorporates kinematics, mechanics as its core, and geometry, anatomy, and physiology. It has been the result of clinical studies in sports medicine and rehabilitation medicine for many years.

Your correct application can avoid physical pain caused by long-term accumulation or sudden accidents or reduce the irreversible pain you have caused now. It's time to officially announce the best adhesive tape - CKeep.


  • Professional Technology

CKeep has the most advanced scientific research technology and a professional scientific research team. Customers' confidence in our professionalism is the foundation of their shopping experience. CKeep's leading researchers come from the earliest team of Dr. Kenso Kase, who has been researching this technology for nearly 50 years. We are committed to high standards of quality and service, so you can always rely on us. We subject all the kinesiology tapes we sell to strict quality controls. We carefully inspect everything before we pack and ship it. So you can buy kinesiology tape at any CKeep store with peace of mind. Every step and detail is important to us regarding your shopping experience.


  • High service standards

Every step and detail matters when it comes to your shopping experience. It's a team effort, and we have clear guidelines to communicate our philosophy internally. Everyone on our team is dedicated to perfecting your shopping experience. That's what our product, customer service, and logistics teams, all CKeep employees, care about. No matter where you bought our CKeep products, if you have any questions, you need to provide us with your purchase information and pictures, and we can solve it for you completely.  Click here.

  • Trustworthy

CKeep is a well-known seller of kinesiology tape. We have been serving platforms like Amazon and Walmart for a long time. You can easily find the CKeep kinesiology tape on Amazon because we are the best seller. We will be glad if you choose your favorite platform to buy. Of course, if you have any questions, you can ask us for help on any channel. Many years of market testing have made us a reliable partner for kinesiology tapes.


  • Worry-free shopping

Our customer service team is available 24/7! We strive every day to make our job easier and your experience better. Our daily joy and goal are to make our customers happy and provide them with a pleasant experience. This is very close to our hearts and constantly motivates us to improve! Click here.

  • Our Commitment to Society

A good company must have a strong sense of social responsibility. As we grow, we recognize the impact of our actions, and we work to make the world a better place. This is also the goal of the CKeep brand.


We are committed to the following:


  • Environmental Protection

We strive to minimize our actions' impact on the environment, reduce our packaging and shipping waste as much as possible, and use recycled materials wherever possible.


  • Equal Opportunity

We do not tolerate unethical discrimination based on race, gender, sexual identity, age, marital status, pregnancy, or mental or physical disability.


  • Animal-Friendly

We strive to provide an animal-friendly environment; they even come to work with us! CKeep's kinesiology tape affects the human body and animals positively. Therefore, we are strictly against selling products that could harm animals.



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We are always happy to hear your thoughts, and we welcome any feedback you have.


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