How does the kinesiology tape work?

How does the kinesiology tape work?

We often see many sporting events and see many athletes wrapped with tape. 

They have different colors and look different, which stick to the athletes, and not all  in one part, so what is the benefit of these tapes? Let CKeep give you an introduction to what this tape is and what it does.

First of all, this tape itself has no drug ingredients, due to a variety of different tension, the shape of the cut of the tape, sticky tie way, etc., which can produce different effects on human physiology. Therefore, the OCA does not prohibit countries from using this patch. So let us understand how the kinesiology tape works from the following points.

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What is a kinesiology tape?

Kinesiology tape was developed in the late 1970s by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, who was looking for a product that would support the body's abilities but not restrict movement like traditional sports tape. Kinesiology tape is a non-invasive therapeutic method in which a thin, breathable patch is applied to the skin and encourages the body to influence and regulate physiological functions.

Dr. Kenzo Kase developed Kinesio tape using a special blend of cotton and nylon. The medical adhesive used in CKeep tape is also waterproof, and the strength can be maintained for three to five days if you want to go swimming or get wet, for example.

Composition of CKeep kinesiology tape

How does the kinesiology tape work?

The weight and thickness of CKeep's kinesiology tape are designed to mimic human skin as much as possible, with a special adhesive composition and coating method that makes the tape conform to the skin while being breathable, the tape is durable and breathable), and when the tape is applied to the skin, the tape will wrinkle the skin, which reduces the pressure in the skin and promotes the microcirculation of subcutaneous microvessels and tissue fluids, regulating pain in this area.

Does kinesiology tape really work?

Many studies suggest that kinesiology taping is most effective when used in conjunction with conventional treatments.

The role of different shapes of muscle tape

Benefits of the kinesiology tape

Treatment of injuries

Physical therapists sometimes use kinesiology tape as part of an injured person's overall treatment plan. However, according to the American Physical Therapy Association, kinesiology tape is most effective when used in conjunction with other therapies, such as manual therapy.

Dr. Megann Schooley said, "We have used kinesiology tape to reduce pain and swelling. It's always used in a complementary way to what we are trying to accomplish."

Improving performance

Some athletes use tape to achieve peak performance in specific competitions and to prevent injury.

"A lot of runners use this tape every time they run a marathon," says DR Schooley. "Sometimes we tape along the hip to wake up the muscle and remind it to keep working. Or weightlifters use it on their knuckles to focus on the peak. There are many such things, and many athletes have benefited from this one invention.

Support weak zones

Kinesiology tape gives extra support to the muscle or joint that needs it and does not interfere with normal activity. According to some studies, kinesiology tape can improve a person's athletic ability and endurance. In studies with athletes, kinesiology tape has been shown to improve performance when applied to fatigued muscles.

Retraining the muscles

Kinesiology tape can have a re-training effect on muscle groups that have lost their function or have become accustomed to working in unhealthy ways. And reduce the use of overworked muscles

A 2017 study shows that it helps stroke patients improve their ability to walk.

Supports healing of internal injuries

Injury prevention; prevents hyperextension of joints, muscle contraction, or spasms

Supports injured tissues with minimal restriction


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Who can be helped with the kinesiology tape?

 Since the muscle tape does not contain any medicinal agents, it is very popular among professional athletes. It is not only suitable for professional athletes, but also for normal people. It can also be used by normal people who enjoy sports to elderly people with degenerative joint diseases, acute soft tissue injuries, tendon and ligament strains, joint instability, etc. However, it is recommended to seek professional help to achieve a good result. If you are unsure, you can contact us to determine if kinesiology tape is useful for your situation.

 It can help people who suffer from the following conditions, among others, but not limited to.

people suffering from any type of joint, muscle, or tendon injury, whether due to an illness or an accident.

● Occupations involving heavy work and repetitive movements (construction workers, factory workers, gardeners, mechanics, miners, secretaries, etc.)

● Athletes and other physically active people, including cyclists, skaters, joggers, gymnasts, and other sports enthusiasts or people who play sports

● People who work long hours a day at a desk or lead a sedentary lifestyle.

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